F Eddyka Firdaus
Eddyka Firdaus

Nama: Eddyka Firdaus
Age; 18
Live in: Malaysia
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Back to study.

Alamak... 1 minggu cuti sem pertama berakhir...
Apa-2 pon... Aku dah puas tidur.. Puas segala-galanya... Time untuk study lak !

Hope sem 2 nih aku boleh buat yang lebih baik dari sem 1 dan teruskan buat yang terbaik...
Aku rasa itu jelah kot... And people out there be nice ok... Don't waste your life for something that is not worth it.

Our 1st meet.

Well it is still fresh in my mind how and when we meet. Hahaha.. Until now... 1 week till back to college.
I miss her so bad man..
Lepak Cafe yeah.... Meet her... I just want to be her healer. Place that she can be happy , sad , trouble and everything. I try to be one. Because she teach me a lot.

Awkward To Start.

Hey people. Well nobody read it haha. So I guess I will try to make my blog alive again.
Soon I will. Some interesting and some of it you don't want to read it.